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Federated Management Institute


We Bring You World-Class Events, Training, Conferences And Exhibitions Presented by Industry Experts


Our conferences focus on cutting-edge national and global issues that are addressed by top-end local and international speakers. Each conference is thoroughly researched, evaluated for relevance and suitability, and put carefully together by our professional production division. Our conferences provide unique business and networking opportunities for top level corporate decision makers.


Like our trainings and workshops, our in-houses are professional, public and private sector-focused courses designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of strategic clients, usually through unique industry specific topics structured exclusively to achieve learning and skills transfer set goals. In-houses are often organised and hosted within the client’s choice premises.​

Master Class

Our masterclasses are dynamic and innovative courses that bring together top decision makers, directors and C-level practitioners of industry and government Parastatals in a stimulating environment to look at key industry issues that affect top management, and how to proffer solutions to such issues. These courses are designed to inspire good management decision making and encourage individual leadership development processes.


Our summits cater to top decision makers, chairpersons, dons of industries and C-level practitioners from the public and private sector with key product and service providers, in a simulating exclusive resort-type environment, where they meet to iron out mutual beneficial outcomes. The exclusive nature of our summits allow for full optimisation of interaction purposes that include seminars, workshops, break-away sessions and one-on-one meetings to maximise individual and corporate business opportunities.


Our congresses are designed to bring together key players, decision makers and vendors from a variety of services and industries, in a major scale event that encourages opportunity for exhibition and demonstration of new products. It emphasises interaction of participants in unique one-on-one presentations, displays and packaged-meetings that provide avenues for business transactions and international partnerships.

Join our global family of professionals from various industries.

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We have different formats of delivering events to ensure that all our delegates attend training in the best way possible.

Face-to -face experience to help you connect with us.

Attend the event entirely online from anywhere.

  • Combines In-Person & Virtual methods of delivery.




We bring you world-class events, training, conferences and exhibitions.



We offer Certified Professional Training in association with our long standing Partners that provide accreditation.