Home Events & Training 2nd Annual Examination Security & Integrity in Africa Summit 2023

2nd Annual Examination Security & Integrity in Africa Summit 2023

This program provides an opportunity for all levels of educational expertise – Directors, Principals, Deans, Managers, Examination officers, etc. who are involved in the management and administration of examinations in Africa to review, update and take away advice and help to support their programs at National, Provincial/Regional, University/College and School level.

According to our research, the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), social media for example WhatsApp, the broad availability of ChatGPT, the increasing movement towards online examinations and invigilation Apps will continue to complicate and further increase the integrity and security of the examinations systems. In South Africa and Africa in general, no year passes without reports of examination papers leakages and integrity compromises. This is causing the education, learning institutions and organisations in Africa to lose money, time and public trust.


Sep 21 - 22 2023


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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